Recent Works and Teachings

Recent Works:

A Brief Exposition of the Heart Treasure of Purity, The Principle of the Four Noble Truths, A Jewel Garland of Expositions, Purification to Perfect Refuge Prayer,

Heart Treasure of Purity Abiding on the Correct Path Request Prayer, Heart Treasure of Purity Principles of Mind Training Prayer, Heart Treasure of Purity Mind Training on Gaining and Abandoning Prayer, Kadam Lineage Request and Praise Prayer, The Song of A Diligent Warrior

Sadhanas Compiled or Authored:

Short Daily Practice Prayer Book, Preliminary Practice: Purify Motivation and Abide on the Correct Path, The Practice of Accumulating and Increasing Virtues, Purifying Refuge and Accumulating Virtues Prayer Book, Refuge and Kind Protection Chanting Book, Self-Blessing and Purification Practice

Recent Teachings:


Heart Sutra Series, The Essential Points for Cultivating the Buddhist Path Series, Diagnosing Your Dharma Cultivation Series, Lama Atisha’s Garland of Gems: A Special Teaching Series on Mind Training, etc.


Manjushri Self-Generation Practice, Yamantaka Self-Generation Commentary, Six-Arm Mahakala Self-Generation Practice, Four-Arm Avalokiteshvara Self-Generation Practice, Vajrasattva Practice, Lama Chopa Guru Yoga, Mantra transmissions of various Deities for increasing merits and removing obstacles, Animal Release Practice

Prajna Paramita Mahamudra Preliminary Practice, Manjushri Clear Light Mahamudra, Shakyamuni Buddha Blessing and Obstacle Removing Practice, Shakyamuni Buddha and Eight Great Bodhisattvas Body Mandala Practice, Auspicious Mantra Wheel, White Lotus Meditation, etc.