Brief Introduction

Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche was recognized as the 68th Lineage Holder of the Nagavara Raja Lineage (Manjushri Lineage) at age six. His Lineage Guru Hui Ling Rinpoche, brought him to a remote mountain area around the Manjushri sacred region of Wu-Tai Mountain to receive the rigorous Sutrayana and Vajrayana teachings of the Nagavara Raja Lineage. He stayed there for more than 10 years before ever leaving the mountain. Rinpoche has mastered the inexpressible essence, empowerments, commentaries, and realizations of the 108 Nagavara Raja Lineage Tantra practices, holding their full blessing power. The supreme Nagavara Raja secret methods, also called the Prajna Paramita Mahamudra, have always been passed orally from one guru to the next, all the way to Rinpoche, who is the 68th throne holder.

Rinpoche has attended many retreats. He is a great cultivator who has devoted his life to Dharma cultivation and realization. He continuously studies Sutra and Shastra (treatise) and diligently pursues Dharma teachings. On the Sutrayana side, Rinpoche has learned broadly and mastered the Hinayana and Mahayana Sutras thoroughly. He has extraordinary talent in logical reasoning and in grasping the Dharma essence. He has received both the far and close lineages, as well as direct blessings from Manjushri Bodhisattva, with whom he has special close connections. Our lineage holds special supreme views and cultivation methods of both Sutrayana and Vajrayana aspects of Prajna Paramita, the Perfection of Wisdom, most of which are secret Dharma treasures that have not yet been taught publicly.

On the Vajrayana side, in addition to the Nagavara Raja lineage’s main practice of Prajna Paramita Mahamudra, Rinpoche also learns and cultivates Tibetan Buddhism including the lineages of Gelug, Sakya, Kagyu, and Nyingma, with a focus on Gelug. Rinpoche has a close karmic connection with the Gelug Lineage. He has received the most influence, teachings and blessings from Tsenshab Rinpoche and Dhakpa Rinpoche, great Gelug Rinpoches possessing the characteristics of old Kadampa. The Gelug teachings have enriched Rinpoche’s own cultivation and teaching. The Gelug Lineage and the Nagavara Raja Lineage have different specialties in cultivation skills, but both hold the same logic and view on emptiness. Rinpoche has received many empowerments and commentaries in the Four Classes of Tantra, as well as Sutra and Shastra transmissions. He has attained experiential realization through diligent cultivation. Rinpoche holds the transmission of the Gelug Lamrim Lineage and he is one of the Lineage Gurus of the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment.

Rinpoche is sincere, honest, and humble. He does not pay attention to titles or grandiosity, or use worldly ways to appeal to others. His actions and views always stand on the points of Dharma. With his kind and compassionate mind he always looks after everyone around, giving the disciples the careful, insightful and sharp guidance they need to progress.

Fully devoted in cultivation and unafraid of difficulties, Rinpoche takes the responsibility of carrying on and restoring the tradition of Buddhist pure Dharma teachings and style. He is a rare fearless and diligent warrior proceeding on the Bodhi Path with determination and patience, one we still have the opportunity to see and encounter in our time.

Rinpoche currently resides in the California Bay Area. Besides the Manjushri Lineage Buddhist Dharma Center in San Jose, Rinpoche also teaches in many other areas across US and Asia.